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(11) responses to: Varial

  1. YEE! ;D i wana see a storm flip next haha

    est's Emeritar est Posted:
  2. yeah GOOFY!

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:
  3. sick

    tammy's Emeritar tammy Posted:
  4. Yeah! I hate that trick cause I can never land it for me its the hardest trick I rather tre flip.

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  5. great muscles!
    and great wallpaper

    3life's Emeritar 3life Posted:
  6. was that shot in your dongen or sum

    squamish's Emeritar squamish Posted:
  7. maad extension!

  8. hahaha thats dope for a girl :) but id rather do a tre or 360 cuz its hard to make my board flip once like a varial :P

    skateordie12's Emeritar skateordie12 Posted:
  9. yo i wanna see some more skateboarding pictures!
    yay for goofy!

    sayleeaaannnn's Emeritar sayleeaaannnn Posted:
  10. is that a DGK deck?

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  11. ur 16??????
    oh crap so am i!

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:

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