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Skating is my life. Without it, i'll be doing something else. i dont wanna do something else. a piece of wood n some trucks are the most injoyable things i can have.. i mean that....Stay Gold!


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  • what up yo tricky whats good in yo end my dude dude

    dskspider's Emeritar dskspider Posted:
  • not many people around my hood have the same concept as you kid need more people like that
    thats what up kid 5K@T3 0R D!3

    dskspider's Emeritar dskspider Posted:
  • sup brah

    liv2sk8's Emeritar liv2sk8 Posted:
  • Hey dude welcome to Emerica. Team for skateboarders only stay gold holer if u need any thing

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:

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