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ok so it has taken me 3 months to recover from a gnarly fall at my local park and i jus decited to post about it.
were were drinkin crown royal and wild turkey one night and we got the bright idea to go break in the park and skate. everything is goin great so we stoped to relax n smoke a blizzyafter that everyone was fucked up like maximum i decide to do a kick to feeble and a fs shuv out well i got to the feeble and i hit a kink or sumthing and it sent me straight into the pavement and i shatterd mah wrist and fractured my radious bone in mah arm so im still recovering..but no need to worry im already back on the shred stick tearin it up...but i assure that was the last time i drink and skate within 30 min of each other hahhahah

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