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Born in:3/3/91, From Santa Rosa,California.
I now live: Grantspass, OR.
I like to: skate, play guitar, draw.
I'm regular
I love to smoke pot, and I like to get fucked up. FUCK YEAH! EAT, SKATE, PARTY, SLEEP.


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  • i live in tampa, and i havent started skating yet, but im gonna learn:)

    emericadominicana's Emeritar emericadominica... Posted:
  • sean malto i guess?

    -johnny-'s Emeritar -johnny- Posted:
  • you look like sean malto

    -johnny-'s Emeritar -johnny- Posted:
  • fuck yeah nigger

    party this weekend???

    leviskateboards's Emeritar leviskateboards Posted:

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