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My name is Zack.
Im from V.A.
Im 14 years old.
Im regular.
I love to skate,its my life.
But unfortunately right now i cant because my ankle is broken.
My favorite pro skater is Bryan Herman.
My favorite am is David Loy.
My current setup is a DGK deck,Destructo trucks,Mob griptape,Spitfire wheels,and Shorty's hardware.
The types of music that i listen to are rock/punkrock/rap.
My favorite band right now is The White Stripes.
Add me as a friend!
You dont need to know anything else about me.
If you have any questions just ask.


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  • sorry i havent answered you. no, i got that jacket in pacsun. lol. just saw your question

    austino's Emeritar austino Posted:
  • im a regular too,,

    ecneret's Emeritar ecneret Posted:
  • yo whats up?
    sorry for getin back so late
    i havent been online

    jessicaskateschocolate's Emeritar jessicaskatesch... Posted:
  • hey dude :]
    havent tlk to u in forever! well im outz so latez

    xxrawrbbyxx's Emeritar xxrawrbbyxx Posted:
  • hey man. sorry its been awhile. my comps broken and my bro is gone so im using his laptop. i got nollie bigflips now man.

    austino's Emeritar austino Posted:
  • hey me and zak are great friend we met on you tube hes the one who told me to make a profile on here but he told me to leave a rant he wont be on for a while e needs a new pass and yeah im new on here so i am open to new friends

    awesomesk812's Emeritar awesomesk812 Posted:
  • ...hey you!.. :)

    NONE's Emeritar NONE Posted:
  • hello:]

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboar... Posted:

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