About me and my friends.

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I live in a small town where theres not that much stuff thats fun to skate.Theres only me and 5 of my friends that skate.You have to be very creative to come up with good ideas to make the best things you can to skate.I still manage to skate everyday with my friends and make the best of it and have fun at the same time.Ive got the coolest friends that anybody could have their both twins their names are Josh and Ryan even though they fight a lot and im the one that has to break it up we're all like brothers and we call each other our brothers.We've been friends since 3rd grade and always will be.Their the only people that make skating in my town fun.

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  1. That good for you man. Were I live there ain't nobody teh skate wit except little kids that suck hahah, I always gotta b callin' up mah friends teh come down and skate, which ain't very ofen...

    theguythatchills's Emeritar theguythatchills Posted:

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