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Hello there. I'm Syn. I value my German Shepard above all else. I've got a thing for wolves. I skateboard, BMX, and peg people around town. I also secretly am interested in hockey and baseball. I play drums and guitar. Videogames are a pasttime when I'm feeling bored. I make stupid typos, and funny faces. I also make racist remarks, but I'm usually just kidding. I've got dimples that I hate, but that everybody else adores. I will be the biggest bitch to you, only to turn around and help you out. I think HIM was the best thing that ever happened. I drink energy drinks like an idiot and do things that are idiotic. I love being an idiot. I'm stubborn. I'm random. I am who I am. But that's why people love me.
Aim if you want more darlings. Vivaxlaxsyn


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