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Hi my name is Mike Moskaliuk i like to skate and i like to draw. I live in Brownsburg Indiana, and my favorite skater is Matt Bennett.


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  • Stay Gold son!!!!!!!

    jobotheeemerican's Emeritar jobotheeemerica... Posted:
  • oh! haha. didnt know who it was. for sure i'll add ya!

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  • yeah it was pretty sweet to hangout at, but thats when they were still building it. cause now its full of little store that are all connected.haha.

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  • yo i thouught he bmxed not skated

    MATT's Emeritar MATT Posted:
  • yeah thats exactly how i felt . i thought my feet were just gettin fucked up from skatin.i wear my hsu's now i rarely wear the laced for skatin

    slimbraad's Emeritar slimbraad Posted:
  • yo dont worry about bmx are fags who think there better than everybody else

    MATT's Emeritar MATT Posted:
  • no prob next time they come up to say there gay faires for evening coming up to in the first place to yell about your shoes i remeber a kid called me a poser and i challenged him to a game of skate and he said he didnt have the right shoes and they were skate shoes its faggots like that who dont deserve to hold a skateboard

    MATT's Emeritar MATT Posted:
  • Heck no they got some sti-foam technology stuff so they are pretty comfortable

    gethyped's Emeritar gethyped Posted:

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