Bombing Friend OR FOE

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since the creation of hills there have been people who want to ride down them really fast. A hill bomb can be a fun maneuver for the skater who cant do other shit and wants to be a skater some people say bomb hills not countries i like to bomb both of them. But bombing can also go bad liek that video of that chick skating barefoot and she gets the weasel wobbles and fucking scorpions onto her face that shit was funny as hell so i guess theres nothign bad aobtu bombing after all. either your bombing a hill liek the steezz orr ur watchign some poor asshole rub all the skin off their face onto the pavemment. its a win win situation either way cuz if YOU wre taht poor asshoel you get ot be ON SCARRED and have everyone watch u do it and then ur famous and all the chicks will want ur dick. So bomb the Hills kids and the countries too if you so desire im not gona stop you.Blog Image

Thats me in the Red and i just bombed a country

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