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Everytiem we fil or i play a game of skate i cant do shit. its bull shit. I got these fat nollie 360s that my firend dont count cuz i dont pop fuck them and my friends makign this video where i dont do shit i fianlly nosgrind thei fat bench and hes not even fimling im talking nose grnd come off cleaan no tail tap withour footage ur a fake no one beleives my shit nolie variels are a bitch hopefull wl get this faggot video done and il land a few tricks in it to i can kickflip any fuckin gap off film as soon as you get a camera in my face its bull shitBlog Image
Pete TOwnsened had his shit goin on hell bobm the fuck out of that hill rain or shine camera or not but as soon as i seee that little red camera ligth i cant even fucking land a tre
games of sakte are a bitch to the only thing i ever land is a frontside half cab flip witch is sorta got soem hardflip goin on no one else can do that shit im the fuckin man at that trick backside hlaf cabs aRE another story but il be full cabbin in no time bitch

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