STRangee DAYS Friday, June 20, 2008

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k so right after the last final we go to fucking that skatepark uhhh sentenial or some

shit centenial i duon and like i duno some people are already outa school right but watv

like wer at sentenial for maybe 20 or 30 minutes and then some fuckign scarred wana

be "hispanic kid" comes and tries to boardslide this fuckng rail hes going slower then my

grandma fucking and he jsut falls flat back and breaks his ehad wide fuckiong open its

starts gushing like mother marries period. im like 2 feet away form him when he falls

gadw it was sick. that guys gonna have a great fuckign summer. and yesterday the first

realday of summer 3 differnt cops stop us from skating 3 differnt times but i run away

from 2 of em cuz im rad. then me n toyn break some "hispanic kids" phone and i thot they

were gona beat us up so i ran away but they jsut awnted the battery back but we

walekd them back to the battery and they weere behind us boards in ahnd it was

fuckign sketchy fucking colby. then at wiener snchintzle we get free chili dogs right

after i "accidnetly" pored ice everywhere. o and fucking butt cheeks lost his wallet god

dman i quit skating

oh shit i forgot i told this lady what told us nto to skate to suck it trabek and i

maneged to sya the word nigger in front of like 8 or 9 black people on like threee

sepperate occasions and absolutley nothing came of it :D

fuck and i broke a light bulb and then fat black lady came out and told me to stop

skating and i was like i did stope skating and she was like gooood she was an

asshoel but suck it trabek was nice

fuck and i forgot me and tony "went into" the boardroom agian and my old led

zeppelin bored was still there and there was some broken trucvks and a snow

globe ans some shitty rodney mullen globes frm 1980 and i got some gay shoe

laces and a million the board room bags and tony made me shit my pants

pretending ot be security fuyck

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