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THe song TEd nUgent Cat Scracth fever

learn it lvoe it

only reason this is up is my firend computer works for shit he all into keepin are shity videos on the dl but he gave me this to put up on mypsace but i put it up on youtibe to, oopS!

Tricks Garrezy does some steeazy olllie or soem shit then pop shove then

ME i do a shity fucekd up kcikflip over a lil bush gap you can see the rollng stones tongue on my board if you look or get a btter look in my pictures


then Nick C former target emploee does some 180 fakei ollie ofer the lil two stair which if i ever skated there id rip to shit i asure you

then tony does a fat ollie ovver that parking roaD construcion w/e the fuck it is its big and i coudlnt do it thats the fade to blakc ender if he tres over that shit

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