Wild Ride 2008

Wild in the Streets Meet Up Spot in NYC

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Meet at Brooklyn Banks at 1pm to get your map of the route and the spots.

Brooklyn Banks is under the Brooklyn Bridge at Pearl Street.

See you there.

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(12) responses to: Wild in the Streets Meet Up Spot in NYC

  1. Too bad I already went to the Wild Ride.

    Spankster's Emeritar Spankster Posted:
  2. the gw bridge was so fun to barge down

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  3. my steelo is fresh again.

    coryloveslarry's Emeritar coryloveslarry Posted:
  4. Too bad I live in Texas.

    jonathug's Emeritar jonathug Posted:
  5. FUCK baker FUCK altamont. FUCK emerica. skate tassie you sick fucks

    lukeskates's Emeritar lukeskates Posted:
  6. baker was sick but c'mon guys, tassy needs you xoxoxox love joey poirez pitty he washed up

    lukeskates's Emeritar lukeskates Posted:
  7. bring emerica to tassy herman rips the place to shredsssssss

    lukeskates's Emeritar lukeskates Posted:
  8. wish i could've gone this was a fun trip i bet! Next trip you guys do hit up South Dakota =P

    jstar's Emeritar jstar Posted:
  9. ugh, why doesnt anybody come to ohio?

    tristaniscool1's Emeritar tristaniscool1 Posted:
  10. they need to come to spa city AR

    hoss's Emeritar hoss Posted:
  11. KOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!

    charlesk84life's Emeritar charlesk84life Posted:
  12. how about you guys du a tour in berlin??? that be awsome!!!

    davidpskateboard's Emeritar davidpskateboard Posted:

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