Wild Ride 2008

Wild Ride Galore!

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This is the spot where we will post all outside reports, photos, blogs, etc about this year's Wild Ride.

Here is Cory and Larry's Wild Ride post.

Click here for Treeshadow's photos from the Wild Ride.

Here is Blair Alley's Wild Ride blog on the Transworld Site.

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Check out this little tidbit with a Leo interview from Foxxxyz.

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Here are Randy's photos from Picasa.

We've been psyched to have Ryan Clements and Rob Meronek from the Skatepark of Tampa on the Wild Ride. Check out these links on their site to tons of photos and captions about the Wild Ride from an unbiased source!

Rob Meronek's Photos
Ryan Clements' Photos
Rob's Farewell Post
Suski Sequence
Check out footage of Rob.

Rob Meronek

Click right here part two of Foxxxyz's Wild Ride interviews.

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Click here for part three of Foxxxyz's Wild Ride stories.

Part Four just went up. Click here.

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