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Over 150 kids took part in the Emerica Wild In The Streets event in Bristol this past weekend. Kicking off from Fifty Fifty skate store, the sun was shining as the day got off to an exhilarating start with a mass hill-bomb down Park Street, through Bristol city centre, to the St Paul’s spot for the first jam of the day. The first session was on the block-to-bank where Vaughan Baker and Dave Snaddon both smashed it. Then it was on to the Big 4 jam, which included some heavy action from local young guns as well as Barney Page and local boy Tristan. Next stop was the IBM banks for a best trick comp that Makepeace won with a styled front blunt shuvit out.

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The London Life stairs and rail was the next stop of the day where Vaughan and Dave Snaddon once again dominated. In an out and out defiance of the authorities, Barney Page slid the newly skate-stopped rail, before the crew headed on to the legendary Little Lloyds spot where Dan Wileman, Barney Page and Chris Jones entertained all with 270 tailslide reverts, front noseblunt slides and kickflip 5.0s respectively, before heading to Dean Lane skatepark for the final session of the day.

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All in all it was a really fun day and probably the best UK Wild In The Streets to date. Bristol has a great skate scene, thanks to all that came along to make the event a real success, and to the Fifty Fifty crew for having us!

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