Get to know me? jah?

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"Get to know me survey" by: motherguz91. What is your name? Deena.
2. How old are you? 15
3. What month were you born in? september.
6. Married, Single, Divorced, in a relationship??? Do you have a crush on someone? taken:D.
7. What is your man/woman's name? adam.
8. Favorite Color? purple? green?
9. Favorite Food? hmm.. grape drank.
10. Favorite Movie? Donnie Darko. Gummo.. i have lots of favorites.
11. Favorite Singer or Band? lots. Iron and Wine, Jimi Hindrix, Nick Drake, Bring Me The Horizon, Job For A Cowboy, White Chapel and so much more.
12. Favorite Actor? huh. idk. the guy that plays the guy in Boy in a plastic bubble
13. Favorite Actress? iddddddk
14. Do you have kids? Grandkids? Names and ages? Do you want kids? How many? ugh. i dont know if i want kids. ever.
15. Do you have pets? what kind, how many? :D yeah! two dogs, Abby annd Kayla!!
16. What color are your eyes? :3 well most of the time blue green and yellow. but sometimes just green and yellow.
17. Do you have any medical problems? yeah im amemic. low blood iron.
18. Are you in love? for the first time. its true.19. Are you mad at someone right now? i probly am.. idont care tho. im not a mad person
20. What kind of clothes do you like? all kinds. not prepy.
21. Are you neat of sloppy? neeaat.
22. What do you do in your spare time? paint. art.
23. What is your favorite season? SUMMER.
24. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween, you get to see people how they really are.
25. If you could spend one hour with anyone living or dead, who would it be? hm. john lennon.
26. If you could make up one law, what would it be? no scene kids.
27. Do you have any piercings? How many and where? well, i had a nose pericing, i want a tounge pericing and a belly botton ring would be cute :)
28. Do you have any tattoos? How many, where and what of? i wud liek some tattoos.. i havnt thought about them enough..
29. What kind of car do you have? a suzuki
30. What is your dream car? ha. idk. **** cars.
31. Who do you live with? my mom. and dogs.
32. Who's your best friend in the world? adam furrrieerrrr.
33. Do you like to read? What do you like to read? i love reading, all types.
34. Do you do any crafts? yesh. art. all medias.
35. What are your hobbies? music.
36. What is your favorite kind of music? lol. all kinds.. reggea, ska, classical, classic rock, metal, grindcore, hardcore, death metal, deathcore, "indie",easy listening, rap, mixes.. everything :D
37. What is the name of the street you live on? adkfkdfakdfna blvd
38. Beach or Lake? BEACH ive never gone tho xD39. Country or City? CITY xDD
40. Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere? **** idk.
41. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? italy.. samoa, carribian, warm and breezy.
42. Do you work? What do you do? i dont.
43. Favorite flavor of ice cream? maggie moos ice cream! :DD!!
44. Favorite kind of soda? hmm. blue sky soda? im not a big soda drinker.
45. Do you drink coffee? somtimes ^ ^
46. Do you drink alcohol? Favorite drink? rofl. hmm..
47. Do you smoke? What brand? lol. hmm..
48. What do you want to do when you retire? ****
49. Who's your favorite person to talk to on the phone? adam (:Take this custom survey!Find more myspace surveys | Find more surveysA Certain Elephant - Elephant Comics

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