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Xavier has had many years on a board and he seems to go faster every time in skating when he steps on his board..this year he attended go skateboarding day at ramp 48 and regarding he had a sprained foot he did pretty well shockingly to me hes the type that just wont give up you can even ask his future wife Meyling. At first meet he is real humble and silent but his skating talks loud and clear. from big rails to hucking himself down stairs that most people wont try and mock five speeds on ledges this kid is a born shredder. His role model is Heath and Dennis Busenitz. His philosophy is if its not fast enough then time to kick in the after burners. From being around skating from a very young age hes come a long way and to me hes a damn good skater. As an honest person i see this kid changing skateboarding just as he always dreamed of .


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