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Hey, my name's Mark and i'm a Dildo from planet Fuckopolis. We Dildos are Asexual which means we reproduce by having sex with ourselves. Our sole porpoise is to pleasure humans. I am also a skateboarder. Even though many people believe dildos can't skateboard i am a very skilled skateboarder. I am on this site to find some clients to pleasure and because i believe Emerica makes the best shoes for me to skate and do my job. You see, sometimes when i am up people's asses it hurts a lot when i get slammed in there numerous times so i need to wear them for comfort on hard slams and tight anuses. I tried working in some vulcanized vans and it hurt a lot. Well thats all, If you want me up your ass, hit me up and i'll make you an appointment

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Ed Templeton is a Plagiarist.

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As you see at the bottom it says "Ministry of Dildoes". Why would Ed write such a random retarded thing in a turning pro ad? Well Ed is a plagiarist. I posted a comment on his page where I talked about my pleasuring services and the Ministry of Dildoes and he decided to expose the ministry by stealing the phrase and putting it in this ad. I am about to sue Ed for all he's got and soon Toy Machine will be mine.

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