Just call Me "Drop IN"

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Just call Me "Drop IN"

Yah, I am a wuss { thanks Ed, or should I make it Wussy??} I cant drop in Yet at Dept. of Skateboarding in Portland, so I practiced on the little slope before I attempted the next bigger one.....

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(4) responses to: Just call Me "Drop IN"

  1. It's Wuss, not Woos!

    Part wimp, part pussy

    No offense, that's just what a wuss is...

    Ed Templeton's Emeritar Ed Templeton Posted:
  2. dont worry you will get it its not hard

    meloveskate's Emeritar meloveskate Posted:
  3. Pussy + wIMP = pimp

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:
  4. Nice one :)

    yeahmom's Emeritar yeahmom Posted:

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