Zach's Biography

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Nickname: Zach.
Date of Birth: September, 1990.
Hometown: San Antonio, TX.
Present home: Bulverde, TX.
Occupation: Student.
Sponsors: Edition and Ropa Clothing.

How and when did you start skating?
Like one Christmas I bought a borad, a Popwar (RIP).

Who were you skating with at first?
Some kids.

What terrain were you riding at first?
Sidewalks, driveways, and little flat-bars

Who were some early influences on your skating?
Andrew Reynolds, Kenny Reed, Austin Stephens, and Arto Saari.

Do you enjoy skating in contests?
No, too nervous.

How could contests be improved?
Don't have them, skatings not a competition.

What do you think of skate videos?
Love 'em.

Which are your favorites?
TIS, Static II, and A Time to SHine.

Do you enjoy shooting video parts?
Everytime we start filming, we get lazy and don't make it.

Do you skate small stuff like curbs and parking bumps?
When I'm cruising.

Why are curbs not allowed in magazines and videos anymore?
Dylan Rieder Pole Jam 50'd one in A Time to Shine.

Do you skate vert ramps?

Do you skate backyard pools?

Do you skate skateparks?
LBJ and Springtime is ight.

How could they improve the design of skateparks?
DOn't make everything run into eachother.

How did you get on Emerica?
I didn't.

What do you like about Emerica?
How important they assert themselves as being.

Who do you skate with now?
Dane and Eddie.

What have been the highlights of your skateboarding career?
Ollie into that LBJ bowl was tight, that was way back though.

Is there anything in skateboarding you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish?
A video.

What do you enjoy besides skating?
Trying to play guitar and drawing

What music, art, books have you been enjoying lately?
Strictly old Modest Mouse and Ugly Casanova as of late.

What are your future goals?
Go to college and become a teacher.

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