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Designed, tested, and 100% skateboarding approved by Emerica pro Leo Romero, this updated version of the Emerica clasic Laced features a low profile cupsole for increased baordfeel, Emerica Triangle Tread pattern with high-density rubber heel drag pod for maximum grip and durability, and a tongue stabilizing wing for a snug fit if you decide to grind up a rail. Boo-yeah!

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000089/552
  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Tongue Stabilizing “Wings”
  • Triangle Tread
  • Low Profile Cup Sole Construction

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Romero Laced reviews (19)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.95 stars

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Rosario 3/16/17 Canelones, Uruguay

very nice! just as shown

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Diy.bry 3/14/17 San Leandro, CA

I love these shoes, they're holding up really well, got amazing boardfeel and great impact protection. Emerica has always been one of my favorite brands to skate. Ever since the first time I saw Romeros I fell in love with the design. Awesome shoes and always great to keep supporting this company. Big fan of the team too, true rippers.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Tyler 3/10/17 WV

I'm loving these shoes! They are probably my favorite Emerica shoe right now right next to the Figgys and Westgate CC. There comfortable, durable, and protect your feet with the cupsole. Definitely worth the buy.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Skate shoes 3/6/17 Palmdale

Amazing customer service and when I received the wrong order it was easy to reach someone and they made it right. Shoes were in great shape no complaints at all. Definitely a thumbs ^

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Randy 3/2/17 Dubuque,Iowa

Best shoe and brand. Always holding it down with the best product. Romeros have been my favorite for a while and I lost track of how many pairs I've had. Keep doing what you guys do!!

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Mbry 2/8/17 Tn

Good fit: nice looking shoes!

Average rating: 4.95 stars
presto 2/3/17 42240

love all of the shoes here

Average rating: 4.95 stars
MB 1/26/17 Tn

Great fit, great skateboard shoes

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Jenny 12/31/16 Okeana

I bought from America last year and this year, but unfortunately had to return the shoes this year. The whole process of dealing with your company is so easy. Thank you.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Al 12/29/16 Oregon

Great fit, durability, style.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
ilovecali 12/28/16 Anaheim

very steez

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Uzi 12/28/16 Georgia

They are super comfortable and are extremely sexy you should get ur self a pair

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Mixalot 12/28/16 Uptown


Average rating: 4.95 stars
Kopa 12/26/16 Czech Republic

One of the best shoes Ive ever put on my feet and skate. Super light, comfy and last super long. I do a lot of kickflips into everything and they last forever!

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Julio 12/26/16 Amsterdam

Romero and Figueroa are my favourite shoes ever. Risky color anyway.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Julio 12/26/16 Amsterdam

Perfect shoes, stylish, elegant and cool at the same time, a classic.

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Ozzy 12/17/16 Gladstone

Great shoes. Bought two pairs!

Average rating: 4.95 stars
Junior 11/28/16 Rialto

Sick ass shoes best

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