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Developed in 2012 and back by popular demand. In limited supply, so grab a pair before they’re gone.

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Item Code: 6101000102/370
  • Rubber Toe Cap
  • Triangle Tread
  • Oversized Eyelets

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Indicator Low reviews (13)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.92 stars

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Natalie 6/24/17 Iowa

These are my favorite shoes ever!!! I wear a size 5 men's and a 7 in women's and they fit great!! I would love to see a more feminine color way I think you would have a lot of interest from women!!!

Average rating: 4.92 stars


Average rating: 4.92 stars
Sage Stewart 5/20/17 Santa Cruz

Comfy and perfect for skating. Been skating Emerica's since the Marc Johnson's. The best skate shoes hands down.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Muguel Nuzzi 5/17/17 Nipomo,California

I fucking love emerica,You guys got great product from shoes to your nice ass t shirts,Keep up the emerica life,Thank you guys so much for the coupon,Ill definitely shop from the best which is you guys,much love

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ferdiskate 4/24/17 Germany

The shoes are pretty unique and i love the look of the converse. There are pretty solid and good for skating.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Deven 4/18/17 On the board

These shoes are great. Like the toe cap, not too stiff not too soft. I'd say its a relatively true to size fit even when you put insoles in them. The insoles are not removable and are glued down pretty well. I was still about the rip them out and put my fp insoles with some work at it. This shoe has excellent board feel which is what I love about this shoe. Now the reason I didn't give this shoe 5 stars (this could be a deal breaker for some ppl) is because for some reason emerica thought it would be a good idea to put this weird felt like material at the bottom of the shoe. Yeah there is like a lint like layer that coats the bottom of the shoe. This layer makes the shoe very slippery to skate in at first. Once you break in the shoe tho and that 1st layer wears off the shoe becomes grippy. Once you skate in it for a few days to a week the shoe should be okay. Wish emerica would get rid of this. Oh and I do rip a lot of laces with these shoes the way the eyelets are placed, I recommend shoe gooing them. Other than that the shoe is great.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Pike 4/17/17 Hartlepool, Uk

Almost indestructable (apart from the laces;) Wish i bought in bulk as i could happily wear these for the rest of my skateboarding days.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Royrogers5000 3/18/17 Bristol

These shoes are great. I have overly wide feet and was concerned these would be narrow but they're just right! Shit hot!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Valery 3/4/17 Montreal

Dude! Jcapote! So comfy. I sleep with them on my feets

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Presto 2/21/17 Hopkinsiville ky

Like I said on the others they our great shoes I give these a five star .

Average rating: 4.92 stars

Emerica is much more than skate shoes. They symbolize raw skateboarding, the most radical that exists. A generation of skate rats was raised on emblematic tricks of epic proportions like Reynolds flick of the Hollywood 16, Greco's back nose blunt of the willshire rail and Kirchart's mind blowing kick FRONT 50 on a fucking handrail. We grew up praying that our mom's bought us the mj and the brown bling bling for Christmas. Just the image of the Reynolds 1 conjures the tangible memories; the absolute obsession with the color, kickflipping off of loading docks pretending that they are 10 stairs, the 411, i.e., and baker videos, the coolest older kids at the skatepark wearing them, and the the memory of progress and badass skate culture that these shoes represented. I have always loved the aesthetic of Emerica and will forever support anything that has 'Emerica' written on it, especially if Reynolds name is represented too. Many people love the rich history and the promising future of Emerica. Thank you. Also, tell Figgy to wear a shoe that fits his giant hobbit feet because the stories of his ingrown toenails disgust me. Drew Ummel

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Mad Gohan 1/20/17 DC

I have messed up wide feet so finding the right shoe to skate in has always been a struggle. It is as if the Skateboard Lord himself sent this shoe to me from the cosmic realm of ultimate stoke! I'm not too keen on the fuzzy bottom part, but thankfully it can be sanded of with som mob grip fairly easily and then the soles grip is proper. Thanks for the second pressing! I bought an extra pair but please keep this one in the rotation for a while!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Timmy Xander 12/30/16 Halifax, NS

These shoes are indestructible , just like the Romero's I had before