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Andrew Reynolds Kickflip Lipslide

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Enjoy this delightful kickflip frontside lipslide down the rail on the big four courtesy of Andrew Reynolds at X Games 12 on Friday, August 4, 2006 at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles.

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(78) responses to: Andrew Reynolds Kickflip Lipslide

  1. Bam, where!?

    haha, oversized vx.

    abec-1's Emeritar abec-1 Posted:
  2. BAM.

    c00ler's Emeritar c00ler Posted:
  3. wasn't that just a kickflip lip, no a frontside flip lip? get it straight emerica, haha. that was sick though. i like how scheckler fell trying a nollie cab flip. good stuff.

    stereotype's Emeritar stereotype Posted:
  4. yeeeeee

    solid sessions's Emeritar solid sessions Posted:
  5. if u look all the way to the left when he lands it u can see Chris Cole

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  6. Sheckler falling was preety funny.he sucks even though he got 2nd.but Reynolds and cole did a good job

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  7. Sheckler falling was preety funny.he sucks even though he got 2nd.but Reynolds and cole did a good job

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  8. reynolds dos frontside flip lipslides. faggot and it was a caberial kickflip god get your stuff straight

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  9. Sheckler maybe is a pussy but he has fun when he skates and that what's all about ...
    and he tryes a °°fakie bs. 360° kickflip°°

    diamondXstyle's Emeritar diamondXstyle Posted:
  10. yea sheckler fell trien to do a switch heelflip off the set....nyjah hustons heelflip to back lip was was reynolds kickflip melon

    skater18's Emeritar skater18 Posted:
  11. that wasnt a f/s flip it was just a kickflip to lip

    skater18's Emeritar skater18 Posted:
  12. haha fucking sheckler tried that shit

    coolguy's Emeritar coolguy Posted:
  13. yea that wasnt nollie cab flip it was fakie cab flip

    skater18's Emeritar skater18 Posted:
  14. theres no such thing as nollie cab flip. its just nollie 360kickflip. that was pretty funny though. If I was there I would have kick flipped over sheckler.....

    green14's Emeritar green14 Posted:
  15. Reynolds owned sheckler!

    green14's Emeritar green14 Posted:
  16. Ha! they changed the name.

    i think.

    abec-1's Emeritar abec-1 Posted:
  17. you guys are idiot emerica said kickflip fs lip which means he did a kickflip then it was fs lip slide so in all its called kickflip fs lipslides speds

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  18. they said it was a frontside flip lipslide cause that is what reynolds does he comes from more of an angle than other people like billy marks coming straigh tat it
    it was a fakie fs kickflip 360 god you guys are stupid. if its fakie and nollie its fs going bs you get it

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  19. originaly it said fs flip though

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  20. Andrew Reynolds puts the capital "B" in BOSS!

    FaDe's Emeritar FaDe Posted:
  21. ha, Sheckler ate shit on the full cab flip.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  22. Reynolds was great and Shecler fell like a sousage!

    DREW's Emeritar DREW Posted:
  23. hmm as soon as i get comes my video :D

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  24. do ya think ill get sponsored if i can do tre flips?

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  25. any1 from Australia here?
    lol it says my response posted at 3:09 when its 8:06pm here in AUS..haha

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  26. if sheckler landed wouldve been sick...

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  27. US lads have it easy, with ur good skateparks n here in AUS havta suffer with the.crappest.parks.ever..

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  28. bah

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  29. kl

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  30. IM AUSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEAH MAN PRIDE ON ALL OUR BULLSHIT PARKS..LOVE EM...atleast we have spots......if we uninvent skatestopppers
    and stop fightin about names in it, its skateboaring theres no rules.......yes there is such thing as nollie cab...and u can just say cab kickflip...cos it means fakie..a tad hypocritical but i dont give a shit

    skateaus's Emeritar skateaus Posted:
  31. yea Reynolds fuckin owned Sheckler...but anyway, that kickflip lipslide was gnarly as usual

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  32. are you guys sure that it was sheckler who fell after reynolds???? it kind of looked like greg lutzka

    KR3WMONSTER's Emeritar KR3WMONSTER Posted:
  33. "SponsorMeEmerica", you talk too much.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  34. Too bad you guys are hating on Shecks for trying that trick, none of you would have the balls.
    he lands on the board too. he was close.

    xskateemerica89x's Emeritar xskateemerica89x Posted:
  35. yea

    skater18's Emeritar skater18 Posted:
  36. dang that was nice

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  37. shecklers good too

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  38. the judging was just how i would have judged it, cole is the best, period, reynolds is better than sheckler, but sheckler did more tricks than reynolds so he deserved second and reynolds deserved third

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  39. but i wonder if romero had qualified i bet he would have gotton 1st straight across the board with all them tricks!

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  40. all this crap would be funny if the guy was actually sheckler, but he didn't fall, greg lutzka did

    reynolds2rulz's Emeritar reynolds2rulz Posted:
  41. I can tripple kickflip to back lip on a 21 stair rail.
    /) /)
    " >"

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  42. //
    O O //
    // STEEP 5-0

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  43. duuuuuuude that was tight. they should post more stuff like that

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  44. i agree with xskateemerica89x.
    the hating on sheckler is getting old.
    you gotta admit the kid is sick

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  45. Hell yah nigga I saw that shit live.

    YokoLennon's Emeritar YokoLennon Posted:
  46. Fuckin shit bitch ass pusy buthole licker bitch ass how cock sucker mother fucker shitty bitch fuck fuck fuckin shit asss.

    YokoLennon's Emeritar YokoLennon Posted:
  47. what happened to herman hes the best skater in the world or spanky

    Chubby007's Emeritar Chubby007 Posted:
  48. beautifull and peoplel stop complaning
    try it your self beat all you will eat concreed our ball-grind and blow your nuts respect to THE BOSS

    maysonet's Emeritar maysonet Posted:
  49. haha yeh i was talkin a bit...but yeh... nad guess what! i nearly got 360 flips !! yay for me...if only i lived near good skate spots "skateaus" cos i dont...i live in Moruya..where u?? prolly sydney or sum good place haha..neways yeh americas got the sickest parks n stuff which is just an advantage over us aussies so thats why where bettr sk8rs!! haha

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  50. and im jsut about to buy sum new kirchart 4's and a pj ladd ima start skating so much bettr really sooooon :D im out.

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  51. and btw..sheckler is really fucking good seein hes liek wat 16-17 or sumthin so shutup already!

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  52. If that's Lutzka, then y is wearing an Etnies Shirt?

    skatanick's Emeritar skatanick Posted:
  53. yea that is sheckler cause theres a picture of lutzka in the backround on the team report pic of andy reynolds

    skater18's Emeritar skater18 Posted:
  54. andrew is awesome

    newsongskater12's Emeritar newsongskater12 Posted:
  55. oh, my bad

    reynolds2rulz's Emeritar reynolds2rulz Posted:
  56. yes ur bad, its sheckler every1....
    and btw i can do 360 flips now :DD:D:D:D

    SponserMeEmerica's Emeritar SponserMeEmerica Posted:
  57. i want to rape sponser me emerica he sounds like a retard

    macskate1's Emeritar macskate1 Posted:
  58. who cares if u can do 360 flips (spondermeemerica)

    emericanwoman's Emeritar emericanwoman Posted:
  59. Ya Andrew, clean trick dude! Ryan almost had his trick too, just a slight turn more and he would have had it. He didnt even test bail it, he committed. I respect them both. Chris too!

    ultimask8er's Emeritar ultimask8er Posted:
  60. reynolds is "the boss".
    kickflip frontside lipslide.
    no comments...

    quentin's Emeritar quentin Posted:
  61. was that ßħ§µMÄ

    isra's Emeritar isra Posted:
  62. Are you mad that you can't 360 flip worth shit emericanwoman

    GabeDaSk8er's Emeritar GabeDaSk8er Posted:

    killercam's Emeritar killercam Posted:
  64. andrew renolds is the best he tops ryan shekler he hits his head hard

    Emerica009's Emeritar Emerica009 Posted:
  65. andrew is one of the sickest sk8ters right now but sheckler is a whole lot better than yall saying hes sucks

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  66. oh my gosh 1 time sheckler is still good i like him!!!

    shecklergurl22's Emeritar shecklergurl22 Posted:
  67. Sickest skater andrew the best

    mort's Emeritar mort Posted:
  68. arbmsk8er's Emeritar arbmsk8er Posted:
  69. yea dude i love andrew but sheckler it alot yunger than andrew

    arbmsk8er's Emeritar arbmsk8er Posted:
  70. yea dude i love andrew but sheckler it alot yunger than andrew

    arbmsk8er's Emeritar arbmsk8er Posted:
  71. yea dude i love andrew but sheckler it alot yunger than andrew

    arbmsk8er's Emeritar arbmsk8er Posted:
  72. I'm Amazed I Hadn't Left A Response On This Bitch Yet!...Did I?!?! I Can't See Anything That I Wrote Her...ANYWAY!, Who In Fucking PooP Said Sheck-Prick Did A Nollie Bs 3-Kicky?...Hes Reg. Althought I Consider Him A Goofy Man..Hehe HAHA...Wasn't Funny! -_-

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  73. "Sponsormeemerica" you talk a lott.

    yesssss reynolds

    Smokerocks's Emeritar Smokerocks Posted:
  74. soooo good

    Smokerocks's Emeritar Smokerocks Posted:
  75. you guys diss ryan sheckler way to much i dont see you guys on that clip tryn that shit i give him props and for andrew he is fukn amazing.
    ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi

    OZZIESK8R's Emeritar OZZIESK8R Posted:
  76. how the hell are australians talking on this i thought they had a differ website by the way all shoes suck except fallen and emerica

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  77. awsome kickflip to lipslide. reynolds is the best.

    theboss467's Emeritar theboss467 Posted:
  78. Bam lipslide

    Skateboard97's Emeritar Skateboard97 Posted:

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