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Battle at the Emerics

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart stopped by the TF today for a little Battle at the Emerics flatground competition against himself to practice for his big Battle at the Berrics against Chris Cole coming up this weekend.

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(103) responses to: Battle at the Emerics

  1. that was funny

    ben's Emeritar ben Posted:
  2. go evil heath

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  3. heaths the best

    boof's Emeritar boof Posted:
  4. shit was rad

    tdubs's Emeritar tdubs Posted:
  5. Real treat!

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  6. i'm so hyped on HEATH right now..seeing this and seeing him in the hensley TRIBUTE video clip.....seems like he might be coming out of his introverted shell... and the TWS awards.....come on.. pretty risky.. but overall really funny!
    anxious for STAY GOLD.

    kevin's Emeritar kevin Posted:
  7. i can never get enough heath

    asteroid's Emeritar asteroid Posted:
  8. does he have a twin?

    duffmanrulez's Emeritar duffmanrulez Posted:
  9. always bet on black

    reggin's Emeritar reggin Posted:
  10. did he had to change clothes every time he was going to set or copy a trick? lol

    ken's Emeritar ken Posted:
  11. Cole's gonna destroy him xD

    mikey's Emeritar mikey Posted:
  12. i knew dark heath was better.

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  13. wow, heath is amazing! super systematic. cant wait to see him battle cole tonight. GO HEATH!!

    doug's Emeritar doug Posted:
  14. wanna be battle at berrics its all about the berrics!!!!!

    AMER's Emeritar AMER Posted:
  15. 1 year buffering ftw.

    nobbish's Emeritar nobbish Posted:
  16. i knew heath would win

    haidar's Emeritar haidar Posted:
  17. lawl @ Jake!

    ya boi big tron's Emeritar ya boi big tron Posted:
  18. go chris cole wooo

    eric's Emeritar eric Posted:
  19. Epic battle

    Mike's Emeritar Mike Posted:
  20. hahhaah sooo sick!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  21. haha gonna try to beat chris with the big spins

    Frank's Emeritar Frank Posted:
  22. dark heath is better ;D, but white heath has pretty cool style

    Alex's Emeritar Alex Posted:
  23. i knew he was going to win

    jesse's Emeritar jesse Posted:
  24. yaaaaaa

    Ben's Emeritar Ben Posted:
  25. hella tight, im joinin da park side

    Jared's Emeritar Jared Posted:
  26. chris is gonna win heath doesnt stand a chance.

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  27. yo,, this video is sick, but it takes to long to load.

    julien clement's Emeritar julien clement Posted:
  28. good job taking the hand rail out for white heath

    teddy's Emeritar teddy Posted:
  29. soooo soooo heath knows a looottt

    Francowww's Emeritar Francowww Posted:
  30. wow i really like him
    one day i gonna suck his dick !
    i can do triple flips:)
    i'm a happy kid with the down syndrome:d
    please sponsor me ! i got an erection

    yannick smolders from belgium's Emeritar yannick smolders from belgium Posted:
  31. I want to play a game against myself, of course i would win xD


    I need to get some hk jeans

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:

    Brandon Baker's Emeritar Brandon Baker Posted:
  33. sooo funny.. heaths the best.. go heath

    sebastian's Emeritar sebastian Posted:
  34. hahaha does he have a twin? no he doesnt. they edited it like that....

    duffman...'s Emeritar duffman... Posted:
  35. i can't believe heath lost

    erik's Emeritar erik Posted:
  36. well thought out plan by negro heath

    RJ COOPA's Emeritar RJ COOPA Posted:
  37. i knew heath kirchart was gonna win it was just so predictable.

    wasabi 's Emeritar wasabi Posted:
  38. Dustin Dollin bravo-!!!!!

    I'm kimchi man.

    yozoh  BBa's Emeritar yozoh BBa Posted:
  39. damn he might beat chris cole

    will's Emeritar will Posted:
  40. How did they film this? film black heath then make him change and then do the trick again?

    JL's Emeritar JL Posted:
  41. hhahaha that was extremely surprising haha ill never tought of that! haha..
    ill have to play me a game of skate..

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  42. That was kool seeing Heath bustin each trick x2 but it woulda been kooler if he wasnt missing them on purpose(/editing out misses?) for the script. Like if he did a sequence until he failed then changed clothes and tried to repeat it (taking letters when he misses), and then started a new sequence in those clothes until he beat one of himselves (

    Ryguy McG's Emeritar Ryguy McG Posted:
  43. heath sucks ass. heath, on the hand, is a super shredder

    Matt's Emeritar Matt Posted:

    CHINO 's Emeritar CHINO Posted:
  45. He could play a lifetime of games of skate vs. himself and hes still gonna get crushed.

    Chris Cole's Emeritar Chris Cole Posted:
  46. I like heath bars but i love heaths skate skillz!!! darkside heath rocks!!!!

    lolifelos's Emeritar lolifelos Posted:
  47. nice nollie flips

    pher's Emeritar pher Posted:
  48. thats what my ears tell me

    pher's Emeritar pher Posted:
  49. of course heath was better lol

    cyrus's Emeritar cyrus Posted:
  50. This was amazing! I didn't know Kirchart could get so tech lol And i thought this was pretty funny

    Sheiza_on_a_stick's Emeritar Sheiza_on_a_stick Posted:
  51. lol i love frame blending

    satan's Emeritar satan Posted:
  52. chris cole lost
    i wanted him to win

    iist tuti's Emeritar iist tuti Posted:
  53. chris cole lost

    iist tuti's Emeritar iist tuti Posted:
  54. that was the best!!! GO HEAth

    Plow's Emeritar Plow Posted:
  55. There should have been an all Heath audience and ref.

    tparks's Emeritar tparks Posted:
  56. fake

    barrack obama's Emeritar barrack obama Posted:
  57. dude is clearly on meth

    methkid 69's Emeritar methkid 69 Posted:
  58. man i miss the TF. I WANNA GO BACK

  59. If you dont notice the cam isnt moving in the intro making it possible to crop the video and make it appear that they are clones using almost any high end editing program. Its funny that people think that he constantly changed clothes every trick.

    SOMEDUDE's Emeritar SOMEDUDE Posted:
  60. whatever, chris cole will win

    Anonymouse's Emeritar Anonymouse Posted:
  61. damn, if thats all heaths got he doesnt stand a chance.

    Elnejo's Emeritar Elnejo Posted:
  62. Would be funny if it didn't take two fucking days to watch it.

    dan's Emeritar dan Posted:
  63. Go evil heath!!! yea!!!

    Nick's Emeritar Nick Posted:
  64. I love you Heath

    Reginald's Emeritar Reginald Posted:
  65. i think heath let him win

    kdc's Emeritar kdc Posted:
  66. i guess he'll be wearing black? damn those white jeans are dirty as hell.

    owen's Emeritar owen Posted:
  67. Seriously just basics, sure he´s a legend but i didnt have a chance on chris cole

    kalle's Emeritar kalle Posted:
  68. too bad he lost in the battle at thaberrics.

    john's Emeritar john Posted:

    Teet.'s Emeritar Teet. Posted:
  70. that shit was comedy.. dam heath has 360 nollie backside flips insane..

    cuhz's Emeritar cuhz Posted:
  71. That's not enough to beat Chris Cole...He's got those oldschool tricks in the bank like Koston

    Olej's Emeritar Olej Posted:
  72. super sick. haha.

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  73. how did they do that

    michael's Emeritar michael Posted:
  74. camra trick, But the game was awsome!!!

    Nemer's Emeritar Nemer Posted:
  75. man! I wanted Heath Kirchart to win!

    Nemer's Emeritar Nemer Posted:
  76. wooooooooooo!!!!!!

    Nemer's Emeritar Nemer Posted:
  77. brilliant!

    animalchan's Emeritar animalchan Posted:
  78. for all yall it took too long to load for ... maybe ur computers a piece of shit, ever think of that?

    Hubbzee's Emeritar Hubbzee Posted:
  79. Daaam, too bad he couldnt pull those battlin cole!!!!

    skabb's Emeritar skabb Posted:
  80. makes me want to go buy a pair of etnies. lol @ 1:07

    matt 's Emeritar matt Posted:
  81. I hope one day I sponsor

    huevo's Emeritar huevo Posted:
  82. This proves black jeans are better than white jeans.

    Meks's Emeritar Meks Posted:
  83. glad i bet on heath

    shawn tremblay's Emeritar shawn tremblay Posted:
  84. yeah JUSTIN!!!

    bucky's Emeritar bucky Posted:
  85. i wanted heath to win

    cbizzkit8's Emeritar cbizzkit8 Posted:
  86. fuckk! heath loose

    angel's Emeritar angel Posted:
  87. the berrics is cool

    bibi300's Emeritar bibi300 Posted:
  88. that shit was wierd , o well heath won

    steven 's Emeritar steven Posted:
  89. what is with the etnies stickers? i thought that was the emerica tf?

    jim's Emeritar jim Posted:
  90. jon-kenny's Emeritar jon-kenny Posted:
  91. jon-kenny's Emeritar jon-kenny Posted:
  92. so sick

    michaelh1991's Emeritar michaelh1991 Posted:
  93. I like Emeerica, but here it is hard to buy.

    Hunter's Emeritar Hunter Posted:
  94. Cole is going to win.

    joshyboy's Emeritar joshyboy Posted:
  95. i was hoping that heath would win. im so glad he did ;).

    asylumskater94's Emeritar asylumskater94 Posted:
  96. someone should punch reda in the face at the berrics.....if antone had the balls to...

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  97. Chris Cole won.

    FS FEEBLES ARE HARD :('s Emeritar FS FEEBLES ARE HARD :( Posted:
  98. sick

    wesserpaul's Emeritar wesserpaul Posted:
  99. black is black no turning back

    s4m's Emeritar s4m Posted:
  100. dark heath is the freakin best!

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  101. Yeeeah been there before, soletec! So sick.

    leotronnn's Emeritar leotronnn Posted:
  102. come to the dark side... we have better skaters

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:
  103. that ro-sham-bo was huge

    lestercorp's Emeritar lestercorp Posted:

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