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Emerica in Oz Clip!

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Emerica in Oz Clip!

Enjoy this epic six-minute clip from the Emerica Australia trip earlier this year. Sorry it's late. We've been busy filming other stuff and then we went on the Wild Ride.

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(9) responses to: Emerica in Oz Clip!

  1. i did enjoy that epic 6 min clip..

    cdawson's Emeritar cdawson Posted:
  2. fuck i can't wait for the dvd

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  3. when is the dvd set to drop?

    nick's Emeritar nick Posted:
  4. leo, kills it!

    alameda's Emeritar alameda Posted:
  5. that was sweeeeeeeet!

    Dandan's Emeritar Dandan Posted:
  6. i'm beginning to wonder if there's even going to be a stay gold dvd release...

    brian's Emeritar brian Posted:
  7. Emerica has always had the best videos. Fucking epic.

    Cant wait for this DVD....when is it coming out?!?hah

    Nathan Pierce's Emeritar Nathan Pierce Posted:
  8. Anyone know who the Song is by or title? Sounds like mogwai, tortoise, CAN , or something

    follicular's Emeritar follicular Posted:
  9. is there anyway i can download the file to put this on my 'pod

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:

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