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Introducing the Nailer Earthless!

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Hailing from San Diego, California, Earthless is Mario Rubalcaba (drums), Isaiah Mitchell (guitar), and Mike Eginton (bass). Close friends of Emerica, Earthless plays mostly instrumental, partially structured / improvised, grooved out and loud psychedelic stoner rock with a lot of cosmic nodding. In appreciation of the band, Emerica teamed up with them to design a very special limited-edition shoe, The Nailer Earthless.

Earthless is the perfect soundtrack for skateboarding, and it's no coincidence. Drummer Mario Rubalcaba is a formal professional skateboarder, who not only shreds on the drums but still rips hard on his board to this day (check out the video)! Earthless has been featured in Emerica’s Wild Ride videos, and will also be heard in our Stay Gold video, coming soon. Check out the Stay Gold Teaser #2 for a small sampling of how fucking awesome they are.

Earthless is currently working on a new record, with current tunes available at CD Universe or at iTunes. Check them out, and support this truly great and talented psychedelic masterpiece of a band--you will not be disappointed. Learn more about Earthless on MySpace.

Introducing the Nailer Earthless

The limited-edition Earthless Nailer is hitting skate shops now. Get your hands on 'em while you can!

Stay Gold!

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(10) responses to: Introducing the Nailer Earthless!

  1. Make a contest for those of us who don't have money...yay... yeah... whoo-hoo...... neat-o.... sweet... awesome... rad... sick... gnarley.... (sigh)

    'fraid so...'s Emeritar 'fraid so... Posted:
  2. yeach would be nice to get them in other countries as well

    bombat's Emeritar bombat Posted:
  3. hahaha mine just arrived today

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  4. Mario is epic man and a really nice dude, if you are not familiar the Hot Snakes were fucking awesome and are now defunct you should get to know them.

    hideawaylights's Emeritar hideawaylights Posted:
  5. right on

    cosmic charlie's Emeritar cosmic charlie Posted:
  6. heavy!, earthless is the best new band on earth.

    pissmilk666's Emeritar pissmilk666 Posted:
  7. def check out earthless's sonic prayer, 29 min long epic wonderland of sound!!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  8. Hot shoes, yes; but, truly equal with the majesty of Earthless? Where's the Check out the Space Racers!

    They play a midi file of Earthless' 'Sonic Prayer' when you walk, ride, or skate in them. They also have planets mounted on the toes via springs, and a midi fretboard for a tongue so you can rip wicked jammz when you loft a boneless method crailtap over the gap. Next version: Whammy-bar mounted on heel!

    RogerAntonRoger's Emeritar RogerAntonRoger Posted:
  9. the goats got competition

    John's Emeritar John Posted:
  10. Send me all of Emerica.

    Yoonkee Kim's Emeritar Yoonkee Kim Posted:

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