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Leo Romero Heelflip

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(5) responses to: Leo Romero Heelflip

  1. showin' people up!

    Revolucionario's Emeritar Revolucionario Posted:
  2. nice heelflip,glad you went to baker.
    you belong their!

    jtizzle's Emeritar jtizzle Posted:
  3. nice heelflip im getting leos new baker
    P.S.have u heark bradyons,leos,and matts song and this is skateboardind it is fuckin DOPE!!

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  4. skateboarding*

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  5. Leo gets down!

    futurebakerider13's Emeritar futurebakerider13 Posted:

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