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Skateboarder Arrested by SFPD

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Zach Stow got arrested by the San Francisco Police Department on the last day of filming for the Baysick video.

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(59) responses to: Skateboarder Arrested by SFPD

  1. Worst cop ever.

    Bobby's Emeritar Bobby Posted:
  2. im glad citizens stand up for us in the city! that cop was a bro. fuck the police. skateboarding rules.

    ponchoooooox(twitter)'s Emeritar ponchoooooox(twitter) Posted:
  3. wow dude that sucks

    matt's Emeritar matt Posted:
  4. DAAAAMMN!! fuck that cop!!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  5. Fucking gay dude..

    LVemerican's Emeritar LVemerican Posted:
  6. Just another cop on a power trip.

    Austin's Emeritar Austin Posted:
  7. Cops fuck up alot of shit 4 no reason skateboarding is not a fucking crime my god

    slimbrent's Emeritar slimbrent Posted:
  8. is it really illegal in San Francisco?!

    'fraid so...'s Emeritar 'fraid so... Posted:
  9. he didnt even resist, and didnt deserve to have his arm wrenched like that

    jay's Emeritar jay Posted:
  10. dang. it should be against the law to be a dick. haha. a state wheres its illegal to skateboard, but legal to smoke pot.haha

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  11. That cop is a mark ass bitch.

    fuck that's Emeritar fuck that Posted:
  12. Please... that kid was fucking stupid. He should have just kept his mouth shut and that cop would have let him off with a warning. Getting hassled is just part of the game. No point in acting like a little sissy bitch about it.

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  13. whata douche bag...

    madcityskater's Emeritar madcityskater Posted:
  14. fuck that guy!

    glad this was caught on film...

    timcauliffe's Emeritar timcauliffe Posted:
  15. HAHAHA! "My father's a firefighter, man."

    Thee most dumbest cop ever!

  16. If Cali if a complaint is called CA PC 415 a cop has to respond. But they don't have to issue a ticket. Cop was just doing his job. Someone called and he had to respond. Kid should have kept his mouth shut.

    dumb kid's Emeritar dumb kid Posted:
  17. cops are dumb to the max!

    veganskaterkid's Emeritar veganskaterkid Posted:
  18. its those kinds of cops that need to chill the fuck out ...he couldve yelled at them blah blah threatans them blah blah an he couldve just told them dont back around here if you do u will get your shit taken an takin to jail...i respect a guy or whatever when im told to leave a spot if they do it nicely if they come out acting like a dick screaming an yelling to take me to jal an breaking my arm they can suck my dick im staying n i would love to see the cop who does break my arm cause it wouldnt happen........i would kick him in his doughnuts

    slimbraad's Emeritar slimbraad Posted:
  19. So in other words, if the cop doesn't enforce the law and he lets the kids go, should he not enforce the law when he catches a criminal assaulting someone? A violation is a violation. If the cop is called to the spot where a law is being violated, he risks losing his job by not enforcing the law no matter how minor. Since he will obviously be reported (the lady wanted his badge #) he was making sure he followed the law to a T. Cops can be assholes but this guy was just doing his job. The lawmakers of San Fran are the bad guys here, not the people enforcing the laws.

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  20. number one the cops a fag and number 2, while the cop was arguing with the bystander Z.S. should have got out of the car quietly and fuckin run for it

    Tyler Struble's Emeritar Tyler Struble Posted:
  21. i also agree with Jake. the guy told them to leave but Z.S. called him names and that got them in trouble, not the skating, but he was just doing his job. if anything tell the cop that the law makers are fuckin dicks not him.

    Tyler Struble's Emeritar Tyler Struble Posted:
  22. this shit makes me want to kill myself

    fuck this's Emeritar fuck this Posted:
  23. before i read the discription on the home page i thought it was braydon relieved to find out its not but still that fucks

    treflip375's Emeritar treflip375 Posted:
  24. wow. wat a dick. fuckin hate pigs like him...

    sk8choco13's Emeritar sk8choco13 Posted:
  25. That cop is a douchebag!!!!!

    aaron's Emeritar aaron Posted:
  26. same mutha fuckin shit happend to me in palmdale were herman use to live some gay ass cop arrested me and treated me like that....fuck the policeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    austin's Emeritar austin Posted:
  27. i understand that that guy has to do his job but if hadnt have been a dick in the 1st place then he wouldnt have to worry about getting reported & fired..

    awesomeo3000's Emeritar awesomeo3000 Posted:
  28. haha the guy on the side was freakin awesome
    he was just verbally owning the cop haha

    louieg's Emeritar louieg Posted:
  29. Fucking hate PIGS!!! Fuck them wtf, watching shit like this makes me pissed off!

    Eric Flores's Emeritar Eric Flores Posted:
  30. fuck that shit, fuck that cop. what a dick.

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  31. damn i wish i was one of those kids. i woulda given that cop hell. especially cuz its all on video

    emerica0102's Emeritar emerica0102 Posted:
  32. What a pig.

    .... ....... ...'s Emeritar .... ....... ... Posted:
  33. Fucking cops thats a weird thing that I come home from court dealing with the same type of bullshit and it's on emericas site that a kid gets arrested standing up for himself. Why would you stupid bastards side with the police when you don't know the full story. Chris and Jake I'm talking to you motherfuckers there comes a breaking point in someones mind when they deal with that shit all the time If you pussies skate long enough which I doubt you to will snap at a cop or someone else. FUCK THE POLICE

    Will's Emeritar Will Posted:
  34. Hell is a place where there is no logic. The skater broke the rules, so if a cop is not to enforce that rule, when should he enforce other rules? So in other words, you want to live in a society with no rules? That's called anarchy, and while it makes for a great punk rock song, that's not the kind of society I want to live in. It sucks that the kid got arrested, but he did break the rules, he was given a chance, but he blew it.

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  35. I wish this fucking cop
    die right now..
    what fuck is that rules about skating?
    it´s a shit !

    Paul from brazil's Emeritar Paul from brazil Posted:
  36. Hell is a place that doesn't exist*

    Bob's Emeritar Bob Posted:
  37. wow a fag cop sounds like a robot

    buckcops's Emeritar buckcops Posted:
  38. freedom of speech! if hes 18+ he cant do that, he will get fired!!!!

    Ryan [NJ]'s Emeritar Ryan [NJ] Posted:
  39. That cop might have been ruff ,but those assholes were pulling up the meterboxes and screwing around by their own admission. Would have been real funny if some old lady broke her leg or some person who just lost there job got their car fucked up by them. They give skateboarders a bad name.

    Old School's Emeritar Old School Posted:
  40. chris you are a bitch

    brandon Kranjac's Emeritar brandon Kranjac Posted:
  41. So I guess you never go street skating then? I would think that the police would have more important crimes to worry about in a city like S.F. I got it figured out I think. You are a good little Christian boy who's church probably built you and all the other good little boys a skatepark so they could keep a watch on ya'll. Going street skating is what skating is about for the most part and the fact that you might get in trouble is part of the allure for most of us and I really don't think we are doing any harm.

    Will's Emeritar Will Posted:
  42. zach shouldnt have called the cop an asshole. just keep your mouth shut and go skate another spot.

    dood's Emeritar dood Posted:
  43. dude.. thats going against our constatution, freedom of speech, what the fuck ever happened to it, we can say whatever the fuck we want, to speak our mind, that cop is fucking gay, if anyone reads this bring it up in court so that that cop might get in trouble,

    fucking cunt

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  44. what a loser. that cops a fuckin idiot, why dont cops find something actually usfull to do

    oranges's Emeritar oranges Posted:
  45. so what if you get arrested
    fuck`re gonna be back on the streets
    as soon as you bail out

    Armin Halvadzic's Emeritar Armin Halvadzic Posted:
  46. fuaakkk the cops,he would not get arrested if he didint call the pig a dick,what a dipshaaaaat

    ferret's Emeritar ferret Posted:
  47. Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  48. I grew up with Zach n we would skate every single day. We had our run-ins with the cops but this is sum bullshit. They get that gun and now they're superheros. Skateboarding is NOT a crime. Stay strong in Cali bro ill trip out there soon!

    Mathew Lumetta's Emeritar Mathew Lumetta Posted:
  49. the cop woulda just given the kids warnings if he didnt talk back, the random guy was so funny "Boo fucking Hoo"

    Zurwell's Emeritar Zurwell Posted:
  50. Zach Stow is an asshole.... This should be a cautionary tale.... showing off and trying to be a 'cool dude' in front of you mates can get you arrested... what a dickhead....
    but when you get two dickheads together like Zach and the cop you are bound to have some issues.

    Simon's Emeritar Simon Posted:
  51. freedom of speach....FUCK THE POLICE!!!!

    ANONYMOUSE's Emeritar ANONYMOUSE Posted:
  52. well actually if you look at the situation of it all there is a lot of homies right? and he only shot words over to him kept telling him your ashamed repeated like he's rubbing shit in his face he just wants to leave. or get a ticket whatever. so that's what made him say your a dick.

    its actually true because he could had told the Filmer or whom ever something but his mind was mainly focus on him.

    j's Emeritar j Posted:

    joshua's Emeritar joshua Posted:
  54. the cop was only doing his job, but he didnt have to be a dick about it.

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  55. What a fucking faggot ass cop. i would threw a fuckin heavy ass rock right at his pig face then darted tha fuck outta there lol

  56. why the fuck should skateboarding be illegal?

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:

    crazykrew's Emeritar crazykrew Posted:
  58. fuck cops. go bust a meth lab or something sheesh

    whoishsu's Emeritar whoishsu Posted:
  59. I ain't hatin' the police
    but I hate the police state
    the ones who wear the uni'
    then use it to spread hate
    & they wonder why
    we got the 'tude
    man, fuck U cop !!
    'cause U being rude !!
    now put on your uni'
    & go do your job
    but don't pick on me
    'cause U think I'm a slob
    yeah, I'm out here skatin'
    yeah, I'm havin' my fun
    wud U treat me like shit
    if I was your son ??
    wud U grab my face
    & slam into the ground
    if I was your neybor
    out here havin' fun ?
    wud U treat me like shit
    if I was your nephew ??
    now check out your watch
    cause there ain't fuckin' no curfew !!

    roy  "skate, don't hate"  ramsay's Emeritar roy "skate, don't hate" ramsay Posted:

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