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Dustin Scantling
Best slip on ever!

I have been waiting forever for a cup sole slip on. Right out of the box they felt great and even skated great! Thank you so much for this shoe!

Never stop making these G6 Slip-on Cups and The new Figueroas

Love these things! The Cupsole with the G6 inserts is the perfect combo for a shoe!! These are the best Emericas along with The Figueroas too! Never stop making The Figgies either guys because they're perfection too! Please just make more colorways for the new Figueroas and the Wino G6 Slip-on Cups too. We need these new colorways added to both of the shoes' lineups guys

NAVY DARK BLUE with Black soles and Black trim, Burgundy with Black soles and trim, LIGHT GREY with White soles and White trim, Dark Grey (SLATE GREY) with Black soles and Black Trim, Dark Brown with Black soles and Black trim, Light Brown (Sand) with White soles and White trim, Dark Green (Forest Green) with Black soles and Black trim, White with Black soles and Black trim.

All of these colorways and styles for The Wino G6 Slip-on Cupsoles, and for The new Figueroas that I'm requesting you start making I would like you to make completely in and out of Suede. I've never much cared for Leather because it causes your feet to sweat so much more than Suede and Suede is super durable and Suede also breaks in much much faster than the same shoe would if it was made in leather Instead of suede. The only plus with a leather shoe is if you wear it in the winter time it will keep your feet warmer, and I can't deny that leather shoes are easier to clean than suede identical shoes. NEVER STOP MAKING SHOES AND GEAR GUYS!!

Jacob Padin
Perfect shoe

A perfect slip on shoe. But it’s THE BEST COLORWAY you can have. Never get rid of it.

Marek Czyż
Best of both worlds!

In my opinion those are the most comfortable shoes in Emerica lineup.
No laces and thin upper parts will make this shoe last long and it will not look bulky.
Also cup is way more durable than vulcanized sole. And on top of that G6 foam saved my feet multiple times.

To sum up. The best shoe in Emerica lineup. Please don't stop producing them

Spot on

Just like the Spanky G6, minus the laces.

Lightweight, sleek and comfortable, plus the best cup sole out there.