Fall 2014


Herman G6

Black Gum Gold
$84.99 $64.99


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Premium Smooth Suede


  • Designed by Bryan Herman.
  • Breathable tongue and medial sidewall keep feet cool.
  • One solid upper panel covers toe and Ollie area to help shoes last longer and provide better flick.
  • New G6 high-rebound lightweight foam footbed cushions bottom of feet.
  • New three-part midsole system improves stability and cushions bottom of feet during heavy impacts. Featuring full-length G6 high-rebound foam on top, stabilizing foam carriage in the middle, and gum rubber outsole on the bottom.
  • Item code: 6102000078/964
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Herman G6
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Herman G6 / Black Gum Gold / $84.99 $64.99

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Herman G6

(3) reviews about: Herman G6 in Black Gum Gold

  1. I can't wait!!!! Good shit!

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:

    thetayy's Emeritar thetayy Posted:
  3. These shoes are some Higher Quality. Broke in as soon as my foot touched the board. Front shove. Ye

    noahbean's Emeritar noahbean Posted:

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