Spring 2013


Romero Troubadour

Black White Gum
$69.99 $39.99


Stylish mid-top skate + chiller.

From the run-down shacks and garbage-strewn vacant lots of Long Beach comes skateboard + guitar master Leo Romero. His latest Emerica shoe, the Troubadour, is a stylish mid-top skate + chiller. If it’s good enough for Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, it’s good enough for you.


• Thin padded tongue and collar provide maximum comfort for a lightweight finish.

• Mid-top design grips feet and ankles for more stable skating.
• DTTF dropped-to-the-floor footbed lowers center of gravity for improved skating performance.
• Gum rubber outsole with Triangle tread pattern provides maximum grip for more confident skating.

• Double-stitched narrow wrap-around panel crosses over triple-stitched Ollie area to help prevent blow-outs and make shoes last longer.
• Time-honored vulcanized construction makes shoes sturdy.

• Heel pull makes shoes a breeze to put on.
• Emerica Combo logo and Romero signature logo on tongue.
• Triangle logo on side and heel.

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Romero Troubadour / Black White Gum / $69.99 $39.99

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Romero Troubadour

Romero Troubadour

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  1. great shoe! i would buy them tho i've been skateboarding a lonnnnng time so you know i cant afford the merch..no hope! MIGI

    Display name's Emeritar Display name Posted:

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