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  • Hey, thats pretty cool, and happy birthday or is it someone else's birthday? Thats pretty cool that your moving too are you nervous about moving and are you getting that photodesigner job there too? Well i bid you the best of luck bro. I'll talk to you soon. Peace

    emericaV8's Emeritar emericaV8 Posted:
  • Hey, hows it been goin now that your done with school? Also thats cool thats you want to be a photodesigner I hope it works out for you. I'll talk to you later bro.

    emericaV8's Emeritar emericaV8 Posted:
  • Yo, hows things going for you man.

    emericaV8's Emeritar emericaV8 Posted:
  • Yea, I'm from the states. I also owned a pair of the franis, there a great shoe. I had the all black ones, they were awsome. Thanks for the add also.

    emericaV8's Emeritar emericaV8 Posted:
  • Which ones did you get? I got the baker edition, there so sweet. Thanks for the comment too bro.

    emericaV8's Emeritar emericaV8 Posted:

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its me we were shooting in the backyard. it was realy fun and the first time i did something like that. i...