Skating in Southwell Video

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Well, before the half term break from school I had been watching some skate videos and was inspired to make one of the Skaters of Southwell, my home town. Over the holiday, I filmed, edited, played and replayed the film to get it right. It took a whole day to upload to YouTube, but is now on there. Go to this link to see it in High Quality on YouTube:

Or watch it in a slightly poorer quality on my videos. ( I recommend clicking the link.)

Hope you enjoy it, a lot of hard editing went into this!

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(2) responses to: Skating in Southwell Video

  1. that was good editing. how old are you?

    GruesomeGarrett's Emeritar GruesomeGarrett Posted:
  2. fourteen and thanks! I reckon the good editing made up for the bad skating lol well some of it was bad

    angland's Emeritar angland Posted:

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