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Ed Templeton

Deformer is available for purchase online!

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Deformer is available for purchase online!

DEFORMER is finally in stores!!!

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(7) responses to: Deformer is available for purchase online!

  1. I haven't received any of your new books or zines for several years. You must have removed me from your mailing list. :0)

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  2. bio about you?

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  3. i frickin love your stuff Ed! and you!

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  4. nobody cares

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:
  5. cool

    STACI's Emeritar STACI Posted:
  6. deformer reminds me of the song informer by snow just way better

    wyatttuttle's Emeritar wyatttuttle Posted:
  7. nice. im a gonna read this...

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:

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