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i guess my names ivan i like to play 17 i like to play gardena, Ca i like to play skateboard i like to play guitar and i like to play food and i like to play chill yeeeeaaaaa dah!
oh and i get on this whenver im online haha


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  • What?

    toxic's Emeritar toxic Posted:
  • "i heard your gary from sole i just wanted to thank you for the clothes i got from sole tech in the contest altamont-10 deep last year.
    Thanks so much :)"

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your Altamont clothes. I got laid off from Sole Tech last January.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  • That's Good, ha how'd Your First day Go Bro?

    cleeocleeclee.'s Emeritar cleeocleeclee. Posted:
  • Haha, I guess, Depends if i make it fun (;
    Is it fun in Gardena?

    cleeocleeclee.'s Emeritar cleeocleeclee. Posted:
  • Van Nuys, California(:

    cleeocleeclee.'s Emeritar cleeocleeclee. Posted:
  • So where You Stay At?

    cleeocleeclee.'s Emeritar cleeocleeclee. Posted:
  • it was my friends jvc everio

    volcomstonek's Emeritar volcomstonek Posted:
  • alright well thanks and i got a new video up if you wanna check it out and tell me what you think

    volcomstonek's Emeritar volcomstonek Posted:

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I bought some reynold threes and skated them and im in the zone with them it reminds me of old times when reynolds were all i skated
if you dont have some Get SOME!!!! ahahahhaha yeah Bit!

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i mean if i had a camera i would try to uplaod some stuff but nothing aint better than seeing figgy!...