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hey, anyone who films out there! send me a comment of which camera your using. Without a doubt the VX1000 is at the top of my wishlist, i just wanna hear some other opinions. thanks.


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  1. i use the canon GL-2, but im thinking about using/buying a TRV-900.

    than sometime after x-mas im gonna save my work money up for the VX2000 off of ebay.

    but check out the trv-900 or canon gl2 those are really nice

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  2. we used the canon xm5(?) with century 2. but the colors wasn´t that good.

    for this vid. we are using the vx1000 and it´s way better. the colors are amazing and the 1. century is also amazing.

    so i would try to get a vx1000 on ebay....good luck

    nothing came out...'s Emeritar nothing came out... Posted:

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