A.N.S. used a photo of mine for a T-shirt design!

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A.N.S. (skate/thrash band)(Click on A.N.S. to go to their Facebook or MYSPACE)

Also check out ANS's interview in Thrasher magazine from 2009!!!

They had asked on their Facebook for fans to submit photos of old/destroyed boards scattered in a battlefield type look.

Well, they decided that they liked one of my photos!!!

Heres what ANS said: "Garret! Check out the picture of the T-Shirt where we used your photo in our photo albums (new t-shirts). Tell us what size you want and where to send it!"

Original photo (click the link to see other photos from the scene of scattered boards): skate original photo garrett pritchard

Official A.N.S. T-Shirt(Click for a link and scroll down on the comments to see how to order the shirt if you would like to..there only $12 through paypal): ANS skate design with Garrett Pritchard's skate photo

Merch table:
ANS merch with t-shirt with my photo on tee

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