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!) Ed Hardy. which then makes me hate traditional type tattoos cause of that.haha

like they have Ed Hardy beer and lighters now!!haha.

2) The Berrics. Has way too much advertising! like on every video!

3) People that play video games 24/7. get a life outside of a fantasy.haha.

4) Lil' Lame and Fake. Prob the worst rappers alive.

5) That theres no Red Fusion dp anymore. bring it back!!!

6) Spending a loadload of MONEY on FOOD.

7) That everyone seems to download music/movies/skatevids/etc.

8) That its always the same boring Soda drinks at every place that has Soda fountains.

9) That theres no 24/7 doughnut shops or coffee shops.

10) I-touch/ I-phones/ I-pads

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(16) responses to: I Hate List.........

  1. Well stated Garrett

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  2. I hate people that complain on the internet

    ;) Just kidding.

    #8 was the funniest. That's true,yet I've never really realized it.

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  3. You left out candy-corn and people who wear sunglasses indoors.

    CRAIG's Emeritar CRAIG Posted:
  4. yeah fuck apple and you forgot people who where those stupid shades with lines though em

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  5. inspiring. im making one now

    willivanilliii's Emeritar willivanilliii Posted:
  6. i love your list!!!!!!!! i HATE ed hardy. everyone everywhere wears it. oh and the soda thing, well i don't drink soda, i'm a water person. but oh if they had some jones soda everywhere, i'd drink that to the MAX. i love when i go to nyc, snapple everywhere. ok and yea the apple thing is getting annoying, the ipad is dumb!!!! and the downloading thing, well i love music, indie music so thats the only thing i download, i'm not into movies, just reading books, real books!!! not the digital thing they sell. pretty soon i don't think we're even gonna be able to hold anything, everything will be touch type thing or some kind of projector, seems like

    D3LL 4tography's Emeritar D3LL 4tography Posted:
  7. Wow. I couldn't agree more....especially about the doughnut/coffee shops.....mmmmmm!
    We should start a doughnut/coffee/skateboard shop. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. hahahah jk =P

    bigkahuna's Emeritar bigkahuna Posted:
  8. /I heart my iphone but MOSTLY agree with everythng else

    gethyped's Emeritar gethyped Posted:
  9. Here's a simplified list

    1. People.


    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  10. i agree with most bbut mostly the berrics thing aha

    emerican4lifee's Emeritar emerican4lifee Posted:
  11. idk im down with the berrics but everything else on that list i couldnt agree more with

    Kenny Girard's Emeritar Kenny Girard Posted:
  12. theres a 24/7 donut ice cream shop in santa cruz.

    and the berrics roxors. I think its hard for any website to survive without some sort of funding. especially one that has the bandwidth and amount of videos as the berrics. It's unavoidable, unless steve berra or koston won the lotto. I just think of the side bar ads as colorful and it helps vary up the site daily. the ads in videos, i just mute or fast forward if i have the option.

    totally agree on all the other items in your hate list. and im happy to have never heard of lil lame or fake.

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  13. blah!! why wast time focusing on what you don't like? YOU get a life lmao

    go away's Emeritar go away Posted:
  14. ^ J gonz has the right Idea x))

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  15. haha. I agree. totally!

    GruesomeGarrett's Emeritar GruesomeGarrett Posted:
  16. Go vegan!!! Go to school! Graduate college and fuck what your parents say!!!! Take out federal loans :) Hahaha, or get a job... ME... I wish skateboarding wasn't my job...

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:

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