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Flimed by: Blake Boles

Edited by: Me (Garrett Pritchard)

i have to give a big thanx to my main man Blake Boles for filming basically all of it except for the end where i brake my board with my ass and the last 2 seconds.

i need more tricks in it, but i felt like just putting what i had on film together for a video. tell me what you think of it. and if you have a skate video let me know and i'll watch it.

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(25) responses to: Skate Vid

  1. your prety good

    STACI's Emeritar STACI Posted:
  2. prety good

    Daniel enjoi's Baker's Emeritar Daniel enjoi's Baker Posted:
  3. i got to give you probs on this vidoe its really good

    alexba's Emeritar alexba Posted:
  4. if i was as tall as you i could do a tre too

    emerican4-25's Emeritar emerican4-25 Posted:
  5. terrible song terrible style you wear capris your ugly as fuck too and no one cares about how long it takes you to focus a board terrible skate video

    nick58707323457's Emeritar nick58707323457 Posted:
  6. This is a funny video. Funboarding is the best.

    oliver-westwood's Emeritar oliver-westwood Posted:
  7. i have to agree with nick down there...u should have skated to your band..hahahaha...and you style is wack...and about being ugly,ur just scary

    stevemerica's Emeritar stevemerica Posted:
  8. hah the vid was sick i liked it

    cullen's Emeritar cullen Posted:
  9. Man im at school and it wont leme watch the video stupid primative people blocked vids lol

    bakerbaker's Emeritar bakerbaker Posted:
  10. Man im at school and it wont leme watch the video stupid primative people blocked vids lol

    bakerbaker's Emeritar bakerbaker Posted:
  11. eah this video aint all that

    daknee's Emeritar daknee Posted:
  12. its a good movie
    great editing job

    Ryan.'s Emeritar Ryan. Posted:
  13. are you sponsored?

    skaterbh's Emeritar skaterbh Posted:
  14. I like that first spot you skate...the wierd halfpipe thing.
    and your backside flips are really nice, props to you on them

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  15. dude such sick spots, mad jealous!

    eliteridah's Emeritar eliteridah Posted:
  16. Its pretty ehh.. okay, not AMAZING like everyone's making it sound, but pretty funn for suree :P

    Chavaboy's Emeritar Chavaboy Posted:
  17. you REALLY shouldnt skate without a shirt on

    trygvetveita's Emeritar trygvetveita Posted:
  18. thats great!! your really good!

    worms's Emeritar worms Posted:
  19. Hey i like how your videos show creativity and it looks like your having a lot of fun,by the way i like the songs you choose and listen to.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  20. sick vid man good skating and it was funny

    meloveskate's Emeritar meloveskate Posted:
  21. tight

    charles's Emeritar charles Posted:
  22. haha this is siiick mane!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  23. That one part when your walkin the poles reminds me of that P-Stone vid for thrasher!

    VSVP's Emeritar VSVP Posted:
  24. clean backside flips,
    sick spots
    and nice flip manny

    good job

    shaolinmac's Emeritar shaolinmac Posted:

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