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I just re-entered my university in 2007 and left it in 2007 because of my girlfriend and I re-entered my university in 2008. and Now I just finished 3rd grade(Junior) or my university. I am planning to study in University of Hawaii at Hilo and it would be actually wonderful chance to skate in UH Hilo. I will add as many video clips as possible. I have a video camera with me which is SAMSUNG with the Schneider-KREUZNACH lens with it, I use it with TOSHIBA SD Memory Card. TOSHIBA memory card prouds itself by clean and Japanese hygienic recording. I also bought LG micro SD which has much G power but it still is not very detailed. SAMSUNG(삼숭) camera itself is just ok.

I will take some video clips and will upload it pretty soon.
I supposed to take some video footages with my friend Jiyeong but I was sleeping in the afternoon and she went for her university.

I had met Fos. Fos(Mark Foster)'s girlfriend KIKI(?) was my ex-girlfriend while Mark was married with Hitomi.
I am sorry but Mark got divorced with Hitomi and KIKI told me about it. I broke up with KIKI as well and she is still live in London working at Maharishi.
I am sorry for myself and both of them.

I just got an email from Jacob that his brother is Tom Sawyer. I used to really love original Hukleberry Fin.
I hope Jacob, Marcus(yeah! Marcus) and some other friends or show ups doing pretty great.

I miss those guys who I used to stay and work together with at Skate of Mind who are David(Styley), Adam(Rudy), Kate, Andy, Zoe(yes! Zoe!), Louies who used to work at CIDE, Greg and his pet.

Let's skate and do it original.


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