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Jerry Hsu

Come On Tour With Emerica!

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What are you doing with your summer??? Nothing is right. You should just come on the Wild Ride with the Emerica team. Here's all the dirty details.

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(8) responses to: Come On Tour With Emerica!

  1. if you send me a return ticket from Australia to America, i totally will. bahahhahahhaha

    toi's Emeritar toi Posted:
  2. were do u get all of your amazingly spankin dragon and wolf t shirts?

    enjoime's Emeritar enjoime Posted:
  3. im all done summering, or else i'd go on tour with you.
    teach me to be you, jerry.

    donuts314's Emeritar donuts314 Posted:
  4. Hey can you give me tips how to land my nollie inward heel jerry? thanks.

    nollietreaustinn's Emeritar nollietreaustinn Posted:
  5. HI J HSU

    HERMDOG's Emeritar HERMDOG Posted:

    HERMDOG's Emeritar HERMDOG Posted:

    HERMDOG's Emeritar HERMDOG Posted:
  8. add me

    ab0ogie's Emeritar ab0ogie Posted:

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