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Name: brenna fucking claire
Gender: in between
Age: 4
Date Of Birth: august 17th 1994
Hometown: connectishitcut
Hobbys: eating
Music: saved my life
Dating status: tooken


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  • hey long time no talk

    adjust15's Emeritar adjust15 Posted:
  • what up hows it going

    death's Emeritar death Posted:
  • hi

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  • yah ill teach you how to skate

    death's Emeritar death Posted:
  • your not a fatass but thats rad just chillin at my friends house just got back from skatin

    death's Emeritar death Posted:
  • ?

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  • that a picture of you?

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  • nothin much wbu

    death's Emeritar death Posted:

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