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about me:
name: Miguel Caballero
age: 12....almost 13
b-day: oct/19
bff: Josh Etue (etue1)
sk8 spot: flint sk8 park
stuff 2 do on my page:
look @ my pics got lots of sk8 pics.....
hint:(s) = sometimes
tricks i can do:
ollie,manuel,nose manuel, no comply kickflip, fakie ollie, power ollie, (s) nollie, (s)
heelflip,and casper flip.
grinds i can do:
5-0, 50-50, and boardslide.
1 more thing.......


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  • u ned to get some steeze man.come onnnn!!!

    etue1's Emeritar etue1 Posted:

My Steez

meho has no steez! What a bum!

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