Goodness gracious was yesterday a dream?

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I am boss... Reynolds is boss. Boss to the boss. FS flips to flat over LES like WTFFFFFFFFFFF


Who will read this?

Is the publicity after me yet?


Thank g0d...

THANK G-d... that nonexistent faggot who always ruins my perfect sunshine vibes.

Ma n-gga piggy mc piggster... pigs surrounding me when I do my naked kickflips and it's pretty sad to say I landed only one in my life... They were feasting on my ass... SCARY

The zombie appocalypse is over everyone... I ate all the zombies.

Lick my lint infested belly button, Madanna... or was that Hillary Duff.

Squiggle Squiggle... my n-gga tic tac straight to Miley Cyrus. I need that buffer cry baby vibe.


Lick the sky when you cry about the bloodshed dude. Don't even listen to the nuns... they're all pregnant and in high school still.

My buttcrack is infested with disease so don't rape me officer... Don't pull my hair again... YOU WACKO JACKO FAGGOT...

Dear Lyndhurst... You are underappreciative faggots and my ass is going to Shakira it's way to money money central... So kickflip nollie heel that at 3:00 sharp for the devil because Satan has arrived.


If I don't have mad fun jamming to music out loud at the library... SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

SHUT THE FUCK UP MAHHAMAD GHANDI AND DON'T give me no auto correct on my triple backside flip pride.

I'm stunting...

When was yesterday...

Uh, when I took the two tabs to the beatles then kicked back to some Mindflowers by Ultimate Spinach and like turned into gumby I got so oblitherated on that eighth of weed?

The DMT was nice too, it was a Woo Woo chocolate covered cumshot away from sorrow.Blog Image

I drank ayahuasca and drew something so fucked up your minds will fall off.

Your balls will turn into pink elephants and the cry babies will swarm the fuck in immediately.

I am tired of Maureen's cats scratching my dick off... so tell that wiggaboo Johnson Jacob Jacob Jacob to stop being such a goofball spazz out taco dick lick of an elf from sunshine village USGAY...

MY TOWN IS FILLED WITH LESBIANS AND HOMOSEXUALS... I'm not sure who to side with this time. This is probably the best experience I have had in a while but the dude next to me just said stop playing WACKAMOLE.




Fuck yourself wackamole nigga no offence but you can't pinpoint a single error I've made because I am the golden child just like Trevor...

That kid has the dopest back smiths and front feebles ever... the dude just moaned... He is such a video game nerd I just saw his screen... Telepathic geek!! EEEK

You all are funny so we have the have a giant orgy of skateboard mass come to my town so I can play patty cake with you all in an e's game of skate that went out of business.

Fuck off JEsus Christ and lick the lamb spread of cunt paved out in front of your rockstar inuendos. The facilities have exploded with giant cockroaches and now the torture chamber is open and the survivors are escaping...

Wait no I am actually serious I have my eyes closed and I want to tell you the truth.

I really bolted that triple backside flip and this kid next to me is fucking up my typing. He is such a nerd my gosh...

All is forgiven...


I am not a geek.

Anyway the girl did suck my dick in the psyche ward.

She was the mushroom DMT acid shaman who told me smoking cigarettes make you stronger.

Fuck smoking cigarettes... my skateboard IS A CIGARETTE... BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Stay dead you distractions.

The distractions are all zombies trying to keep me from spending my entire day from skating off while skating in between still and like his anus is going to get reaped by satan so I have no fucks to give.

He is sad as fuck he even said screw this...

News flash, he sighed...

Does anyone care?


So stop having your orgasms to yo video games next to me and let me type... THANKS


Like the hardflip first try on a tab before I smoked myself into a blow job and went to bed... after seeing the parade of spirals? 9:00 minutes remain for this newsflash.

I smoked salvia 9 times and smoked weed 10 trillion times already.


I am the advertiser of the company and no one filmed my fucking backside triple kickflip I landed perfect as hell, so I tried it and stuck it on film like the bitch nigga Jasmine from Aladin. Nigga is a bad word...

I'm done. I need some sex from my wife who lives in Missouri... We wanna move to Colorado and have sex all day. How much more fucked up can this world get?

Don't let anyone know anything about me what ever you do... You can send people my writing, but just don't tell them my name.

I am a serious piff smoking philosopher and sex with the hotties is basically me just skateboarding because I don't have sex, I'm protistan. I am a MORMAN You dick lick ass hat fart face supersticious ass fuckssssssssssssssssssssss.

Why did my life get so ruined only for me to be back here?

Thank goodness the power won't go out...

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