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Hey, My name is Morgan Somers. I love to skate, and film. I'm into Web/Graphic design, I mainly use adobe: Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS3, and Fireworks, CS3. When I edit film, I use apple: Final cut pro 5, and Motion. I only use cannon cameras. Next year I am actually going to school for Web/Graphic design.
I'm never going to grow up, so don't ask me to. I'm going to get older and buy a castle with my friend Nina and were going to live in it together. Another thing about me is i don't drink soda, or get attached to things/people, they will all be gone someday, so whats the point.
I ride for captive skateshop, I used to ride for a company in flushing called team savior, but Ive moved on to bigger and better things. Skateboarding is my life, I'm always going to do it no matter what. I plan on doing it my whole life. I love demos more than anything!
I love music a lot, a lot. Each week people come over and jam out in my basement, usually turbo and victor, but lately there has been a lot more talent. We record all of our jam sessions, you can listen to them on myspace, and tell us what you think! (www.myspace.com/greenturtlesandbox44), or just add "The Jammas"
check it out.
Also I love meeting new people, please don't add me unless you will talk to me, and don't add me if your a jock. I love to text, so just ask for my number.
aim Pictures, Images and Photos xsomerslaughterx
Email: morgansomers13@yahoo.com
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