My view on skateboarding.

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Skateboarding isn't just some
sport, i don't think you can even classify it as a sport. Skateboarding
is a way of life, to be a skateboarder. Skateboarding is an ever
progressing art form that will be around for years to come. i always
love walking down town, or skating places and seeing young kids getting
into skateboarding. it always amazes me to see tomorrows future today.
i personally love skateboarding for many different reasons, i look at
it as a way of art, as are the things involves with skateboarding such
as music, drawings, exc.
skateboarding isn't dead (who ever thinks/says it is) for it is just
being born. while other activities that society call "sports" wont be
around forever, there is a point where the progression will stop, if it
ever was progressing in the first place. skateboarding is fresh and
newer. it is the future, we have a vision.
the way most skateboarders look at society, and the way society looks
at skateboarders sickens me. we aren't out to destroy property, or
anything like that. most people don't even give us a chance, they just
call the cops or yell. im not saying all skaters are good, just most of
them are. if just one person would give us a chance im sure no matter
who it is would appreciate it.
people spend millions of dollars on sports fields or arenas, but
usually wouldnt cater to stateboarding in anyway, skateboarding is
already bigger than the other "sports" out there.
The way we look at life/normal everyday things amazes some people, to
the common eye a 12 stair with a marble hubba and hand rail is a way to
get from one level to another, via walking. to us, haha well the
possibilities are endless.
i took time to write all this, i (morgan somers) didn't copy and paste
from a website.
i hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the time to read it.

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