My past three pairs of kicks

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the are my last three pairs of shoes, leaving off from the circas in my pictures or something
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These reynolds were like 10 times better than my canvas ones, but i ripped through like 12 insoles with them through the bottom
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The Theorys, they ripped on the toe cap not the sole, which was pretty suprising they were good shoes while they lasted.
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Thes are my newest ones, they came in the mail yesterday(I live in maine, therefore no good shops around that arent more than 45 minutes away). they are my first pair of supras and within the two days i have had them i have slammed so many times. That however is not the point. after they get broken in they are sick.

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  1. those shoes are sick bro! if i had the money i would get those shoes!!

    joseph1995's Emeritar joseph1995 Posted:

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