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Okay you guys have probably already seen this but this is my first time & all i have to say is, ew :/ haha

"Designer Loren Kulesus describes the unique skate experience you’d have riding the “IPSVM” board to be comparable to a convertible car. One who is used to driving a “normal” car finds driving a convertible totally wild: they’ll find the same to be true of the IPSVM board. The same is true, Kulesus says, about the trucks specifically. Take a peek at them, skateboard enthusiasts, and say specifically how nice you’d be able to turn. "

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(6) responses to: WTF?

  1. Wtf is up with that??

    Roulette!'s Emeritar Roulette! Posted:
  2. looks neat.

    blastkid's Emeritar blastkid Posted:
  3. they tried to make a skateboard for adults, since when has my life become an exercise machine :c

    patasanimalchin's Emeritar patasanimalchin Posted:
  4. it does kinda remind me of Templeton's word bubbles though hahaha

    sambalam's Emeritar sambalam Posted:
  5. nah never seen it.. why fix something that isnt broke tho,, u dig///

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:

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