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Alex/Little A
Living in California Music: English/Spanish Oi!, Punk.
Funny, Outgoing.
Soccer, Skating is My Life
Questions? Message Me :)
Myspace: Thecasualties#1@aol.com

Board: Enjoi Jerry Hsu
Wheels: Zero
Bearings: Lucky
Trucks: Independant Reynolds


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  • hello (:

    Ceci's Emeritar Ceci Posted:
  • im not sure i think 2010

    STACI's Emeritar STACI Posted:
  • shane cross died in a mortorcycl accident with ali bouala

    willivanilliii's Emeritar willivanilliii Posted:
  • hardcore punk, screamo, rap..mm idk anythaaang tat catches my attention!!(: lol

    deleted's Emeritar deleted Posted:
  • frill's?!...dang lol...musta been tha best!!...yeah im bored now lol.

    deleted's Emeritar deleted Posted:
  • it was all guud;) lol had fun wit tha family...mmhmm how bout urs??

    deleted's Emeritar deleted Posted:
  • haha nada much....lol yeah im like super bored haha

    deleted's Emeritar deleted Posted:
  • thnx maaaan...mm hi:)

    deleted's Emeritar deleted Posted:

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