Strange Days


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this shit was going on last Saturday! it was crazy with all the Homies out of Town! haha. good shit going down!
my homies are the Fsflip kid(Luis), the bigspins&airwalker mother fucker! VeeRodriguez!! and that nollie shovit&switch hardflip Damian!!! haha crazy day!
got wasted! got bitches! got Beers! got a ticket and a night in jail! :)
what elseyou want?

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(5) responses to: skaTecate!

  1. That was amazing!a lot of boards were broken.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  2. tssss staa perroonn esee

    Dania's Emeritar Dania Posted:
  3. damn
    son bien cabrones

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  4. hahah it was an amazing contest, a very good and drunk ambient! jajaja
    i am the guy woth white shirt screaming and running in the last trick (switch hardflip) jaja!

    aldope hf B's Emeritar aldope hf B Posted:
  5. yeah man thats sick...were you actually there?

    walst101's Emeritar walst101 Posted:

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